Programming Note: Unfortunately, yesterday Jill cut open her hand in a terrible fall! Luckily, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been but she still may be out of blogging commission for a few weeks. I’m not sure I trust her husband to take Jill’s blogging dictations very seriously, so there may be a few gaps in blogs here and there. Bear with us while we wish Jill a speedy recovery! xoxo, Lauren

It’s Julep Maven time! This month snuck up on me, as I basically forgot what I ordered and it was almost like receiving a mystery box. Thanks for the fun surprise, brain! For those of you just joining us, the Julep Maven program allows you to customize a box of 2-3 nail polishes and other beauty products for just $24.99/month. They also allow you to add the appropriately named “Add-On” products to your box for extremely discounted prices. This month, I added 3 Add-Ons to my box which brought the total of my box to right around $43. However, Julep will reward you for adding the 3 Add-Ons to your box and give you another polish.

It’s also important to note that you are also able to easily skip a month and save your monthly subscription cost if you aren’t a fan of the color scheme.

This month, the theme was New York Never Sleeps. I do not totally understand the naming of these things, but they don’t ask me. They featured new eye shadows and a new blush formulation. Unfortunately, I got neither! I think Jill got the shadows tho, so when she gets better, she can update us on how they work for her.

October Julep

Let’s see what I got… 
As I mentioned, they featured their new Eyeshadow 101 shadow sticks very heavily and their insert card offered up some tips for wear. I am wondering what Jill’s makeup looks like now that she can’t use her hand. 

I previously got one of their blushes but it was probably over a year ago before we started blogging, so I might need to try their new blush formulation at some point.

Here’s everything I got! If you are anything like me, you might have wondered, “Why did Lauren get basically 3 of the same color of nail polish?” And Lauren would be equally confused. I have to admit, when I received my box I was kind of taken aback as to how many dark and almost black colors I received this month and actually went back to my order to verify that was what I ordered. Indeed, I chose all those dark colors. I’m sure I had a reason? I DO like dark colors and ’tis the season but I still had to briefly question Past Lauren’s decision making skills. But as I will describe below, there are (subtle) differences!

Here are the three polishes I chose as the main components of my box: Laurel (Raven feather silk), Jocelyn (cranberry shimmer with holographic microglitter), and Michaela (blackcurrant microglitter shimmer).

My first thoughts: I think Jocelyn is going to be SOOOOO pretty as a pedicure and I can also picture it for holiday manicures! I also really love the silk finishes so I’m looking forward to trying Laurel! And I think Michaela is going to be a pleasant surprise, as it has the slightest reddish tint to it!

Here are the Add-ons I chose this month: Sigourney (black holographic stardust), Nail Diamonds, and Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops.

Obviously, I needed another dark polish. But Sigourney is a Stardust finish and I love those. Usually they are matte glitter and they leave a sandpaper-y finish on your nails. I personally LOVE THIS. I think it’s a really easy way to look like you did something interesting with your nails by just painting your nails. I also tend to rub my nails during the day because I like the friction of the stardust finishes, but I think that might just be my own thing.

I received these Nail Diamonds in my last box and I’ve been exceptionally pleased with the nail art I’ve been able to create with them. And by nail art, I mean sticking the diamonds on my nails. But it looks really cool and 3D and a little badass. This add-on was a no-brainer.

I have acquired a ton of Julep products over the last couple years and normally when I run out of something, I tend to have another bottle sitting around. Not the case with these Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops. I’ve gone through several bottles and I didn’t have any extra in my stash and I was literally down to my last drop. Just. In. Time.

Here is a closer look at Sigourney. I’ll post a picture of Sigourney on our Instagram at some point, so be sure to follow us there at Boxy_Ladies!

Myriam (casino red crème) was the free gift for taking the 3 add-on’s. My mom really liked another red (Sheila) but it’s out of stock so I’m going to give her this one in the meantime! Besides, I have 3 black polishes I need to experiment with. 🙂

Final Grade: A

I’m giving Julep an A because they deserve it for sending me all the products I ordered. I’m giving myself a D for basically ordering 3 of the same product. While they are all different finishes, I still could have done better! Come on, Lauren. Next time!

Jill and I really do love Julep. It’s one of our very favorite boxes! If you are interested in subscribing, click here for my referral link!


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