The Allure Beauty Box is still my favorite beauty box. I’m not sure why it’s not as well known as Birchbox or Ipsy. The Play! by Sephora box is giving it some really stiff competition but it’s not widely available yet. We’ll let you know when that happens, because y’all will want to get in on that!


But back to Allure… If you are just joining us, Allure Beauty Box sends deluxe samples and the occasional full-size beauty products from high end and reputable brands for just $15/month. While I love my Birchbox, sometimes they send things from strange/unknown brands. I like to try the fancy stuff and Allure sends that consistently!IMG_5004

Allure always kills it with the Allure Mini Mag, which breaks down all the products the way Allure magazine would. I heart Allure magazine so, I love poring through this before trying all of the products! IMG_5005

Let’s see what we got this month…


Illume Blackberry Absinthe Candle ($20.00)

I really love receiving lifestyle items in this box because Allure always includes great ones. And I really love candles. People that know me know that I am so brand loyal to my Pier 1 Imports Vanilla Creme scent but this was a very interesting. There was definitely blackberry with hints of orange balanced by sandalwood, rose, and patchouli. This is a great winter scent that’s not overly sweet but just feels warm. I’m a fan. The full size versions come in a variety of pretty votives and these are a bargain at around $20 to get a pretty candle for a friend or coworker!

IMG_5006Skinceuticals C E Ferulic ($162)

Each Allure Beauty Box subscriber received one of four Skinceuticals samples and I would have been happy with literally any of them. Skinceuticals is $$$$$ and the magazines all rave. But I’m nervous to drop that much money on a product I don’t know about! I am really glad I received the C E Ferulic serum because it is the most expensive of all. This is packed with multiple potent antioxidants and is popular among both beauty editors over 35 and dermatologists alike. I remember reading Allure awhile back where one of their beauty editors RAVED about it and I vowed I would try it someday. I am pretty sure Mini Mag referenced her when they mentioned an editor in the office that has been using it for years and consistently gets compliments about her bright, even, glowing skin. It’s also won the Allure Best of Beauty Award three years in a row!

The serum itself is a yellowish liquid that has a strange scent (Mini Mag describes as smoky but it’s hard to really put your finger on it) and it goes on your skin a little sticky. It’s meant to go under your moisturizer or sunscreen so the stickiness doesn’t last. I am going to use every last drop of this stuff and then ponder if I need to start spending this much money on skincare. I’m getting up there in age. It might be time. Insert worried emoji here. 🙂


Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk ($20)

This is one of the only dry shampoos on the planet I just don’t love. Mini Mag actually confirms what I thought: this isn’t a dry shampoo that will volumize or texturize. It just gets oily slickness out of your roots and fluffs up lank midlengths and ends. Though I know the French girls love this stuff, I have gotten it two or three times in boxes and I just can’t with this stuff. It’s definitely a great product worth including in a box, but I am a gal that prefers those volumizing/texturizing dry shampoos. Like this one.


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Oil-Free ($36)

This is an OK primer. I am still on my search for a “Holy Grail” primer, and I’m not sure this one is it. While Mini Mag claims that this primer doesn’t “pill” (where your makeup does not play well with the primer and “pills” on your skin in little balls of primer/makeup) I find that it DOES actually pill a bit, but not a LOT. I don’t love the consistency. It’s a bit powdery. Not the worst but not the best. I’ll probably use the rest of the sample but I don’t think I’ll purchase. If you happen to have oily skin, this may be worth checking out.


Eau Thermal Avène Body Oil ($26)

I happened to try this before I read the Allure Mini Mag– BIG MISTAKE. I have tried Avène products before and I’ve been impressed so far… until now. I honestly even didn’t bother smelling it until I rubbed it on my arms and UGH. First of all, this product is sticky as hell. After slathering it on my arms I reached back for the bottle to make sure I didn’t just rub shampoo on my arms. Nope. It was the body oil. SECOND, this stuff smells TERRIBLE. Like, really, really awful. Before writing this blog, I made Matt smell it and he just made terrible faces. I can’t imagine who would want to put this sticky, smelly oil all over their body?! After experiencing this mess, I finally read the Mini Mag and it said that this product is great if you have incredibly dry skin. They also mention that the oil is thick (um, yes.) and a little messy. They do add a warning that this “sage/grass-like scent is unusual in a world of vanilla cupcake frosting body products.” Ummm… yes. No one wants to smell terrible, so they choose products that don’t smell terrible. Seriously, don’t buy this, y’all.


Pop Beauty Kajal Pen in Inky Purple ($10)

This was an interesting inclusion in the box because I don’t consider Pop Beauty a high-end brand. And I’m not sure the Allure editors even really liked the product themselves. I’m likely to give away this eyeliner without even opening the package because I have more eyeliners than I really need and if I’m going to try a new one, it’s going to be high-end. The Allure editors mention that while Kajal is normally a softer eyeliner, this formula is malleable but not particularly soft. They also found that it was better to smudge with your finger than the sponge end included with the pencil since the sponge basically erases it. They also say that the caps don’t really stay on either end of the eyeliner. I don’t know why they would include this since it’s not an eyeliner they would even keep in their own purses! Haha. Do better, Allure!


Chapstick Total Hydration in Soothing Vanilla ($3.99)

This was a bonus item that ChapStick included and I am SO excited. I love this line of Chapsticks– I use the peach one every morning before I put on makeup so I am thrilled to have another. I love vanilla scented things so this is a big win! This is way better than that Pop Beauty eyeliner they included. Pshhh.

Final Grade: B

Despite the weird body oil and eyeliner, I really liked this month’s Allure Beauty Box! I really love it when Allure includes lifestyle items like brushes or in this case, a candle. I’m also thrilled to have the opportunity to try Skinceuticals C E Ferulic since that stuff is like liquid gold. The inclusion of the dry shampoo was good, I just happen to not like this particular formula. I also really liked the bonus ChapStick they included- I hope they continue to include great bonus items!

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