It’s time for real talk. I was not that impressed by the June Popsugar Must Have box. It’s one of my (and Lauren’s) favorites, but this month just seemed so lackluster compared to what they normally send. I mean, I like it. I just don’t love it. THAT SAID. For some random reason, POPSUGAR Must Have accidentally sent Lauren two boxes. So that means we are giving one away! Wooo! While we weren’t thrilled with everything in the box, you might love it! So be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the blog!


Popsugar Must Have is a monthly lifestyle box that has a little bit of everything for everyone. From makeup and beauty products to jewelry and household items, there’s usually something for everyone – and it usually adds up to waaaaaay more than the $39.99 monthly price tag (we’re usually talking like 4-5 times more). While this month wasn’t amazing in my opinion, Lauren and I are still excited to review it together!


Diamonds-Printed Sarong by Hat Attack – $58.00

Jill: Eh. A sarong. It’s not really something I wear, but I do really like the print. My biggest issue is that the fabric is a little stiff and doesn’t seem all that high quality to me. Still, I will likely wear it at some point, I’m just not pumped about it being the big ticket item in this box.

Lauren: I am sort of meh on this. While these are great to have for the pool or beach, I don’t go to either that often. That said, this definitely works as a scarf, so I’ll probably go that route with it! 


Born on the 4th Nail Lacquer by NCLA – $16.00

Jill: I love nail polish, but glitter polish has always been such a pain. The problem is, I want to wear it because it’s so pretty, but it’s just so hard to remove! I just ordered OPI Glitter Off peelable base coat, I’m hoping this is the holy grail. It’s supposed to peel off, eliminating the need for soaking your nails to get all the glitter bits off. I hope it works because this is cute polish.

Lauren: Agree with Jill on the glitter polish front. Though sometimes, I just like a polish enough to wear it, removal issues be damned. I read a meme somewhere that said something like, “Whoever said nothing lasts forever has clearly never tried glitter nail polish.” I’ll wear this around the 4th to be festive. I like to use Julep’s Party’s Over kit to remove stubborn glitter polish.


Ridley’s Games Room “Who Am I?” by Wild and Wolf – $12.95

Jill: My friends like games. A lot. We have game nights and are always down for a new game. When I saw spoilers for this box, I was most excited about the game. It’s not the greatest game ever, but it will definitely be coming out the next time we host a game night.

Lauren: I wish I lived closer to Jill, now that I know about her game nights. Though I feel like she should still invite me, even though I live across the country. WHERE ARE YOUR MANNERS, JILL? On my end, we do not host too many parties or game nights. We are getting a bit better at hosting dinner and friends but still don’t do it often enough. I like the idea of it, though. So I will keep these, just in case.


Are You Ready (For Your Close-Up?) Compact by Knock Knock – $10.00

Jill: This compact is perfect to keep in my purse. It’s got a regular mirror plus a magnified mirror, which is super helpful to have on hand. It seems pretty durable, but it doesn’t latch shut super well. That might be a problem that just mine has, but I’m slightly concerned it won’t stay shut in my bag.

Lauren: I was excited to get this so I could put it in my gym bag. I like to hold a mirror to apply mascara and I have not had a portable mirror in my bag when I am getting ready. This is small and it has a magnified side, which I am fired up about. I normally don’t care too much about purse mirrors, but I was thisclose to buying one anyway and now I don’t have to.


Cheers” Gold Bottle Opener by Sisters of Los Angeles – $12.00

Jill: I’m a little disappointed that Popsugar included this crappy bottle opener in our box. Granted, I am in the beer industry so I might be a little spoiled, but these bottle openers are a dime a dozen. I do like that it’s gold, but that is bound to chip away with a few uses. Meh.

Lauren: Jill is fancier than me, being in the “beer industry.” I mean, I drink beer. So I’m totally in the beer industry. I do like beer keys though, and this is fancier than the one I stole from a bartender in my 20s, so I will use this for sure.


Underarm Deodorant Wipes by Pacifica

Jill: Weirdly enough, I think this might be my favorite item in the box this month. I love skin wipes and I’ve really liked everything I’ve gotten from the Pacific brand. These would be so great to keep in my carry on bag for a long flight, or maybe to bring to the beach this summer!

Lauren: I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about these because I tend to like REAL anti-perspirant. The kind that will eventually give me cancer. I really do not like to sweat through my clothes, OK? However, I like these for after I work out and don’t have time to shower before running errands because these smell awesome. I have used them once (with my regular deoderant on top, obvs) and they smell so good!

Sriracha Pressels Pretzel Chips by Dream Pretzels – $1.29

Jill: OMG that name. I’m 33 years old, I’m not going to call these “pressels”. Awful name aside, they are pretty tasty. I’m just not sure they are fitting in a Popsugar box.

Lauren: Matt ate these because he likes Sriracha. I do not like it so I did not eat them. Matt thought they were “good,” which is high praise from him if you remember his Target box review.

Final Rating: C

The total retail value of this box is over $119, which is great value for a $39.99 box. The issue is that everything in it is a little boring. Popsugar always (ALWAYS) makes up for it, so I have a feeling next month will be way better. That said… YOU can get one for FREE by entering our giveaway below! We will announce the winner next Monday via our Facebook page so go ahead and Like it. Why not?

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Jill & Lauren



I purchased this box, all opinions are my own. Post contains referral links.



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