Hi, friends! This is is another product review powered by Influenster. This time around, I’m reviewing the Reverse Wash system by TRESemmé.

The idea behind the Reverse Wash system is that conditioning first softens your hair and shampooing after washes away the excess weight, leaving you with a smoth, polished feel that’s full of bounce.

I have to admit something to y’all. This is the first Influenster campagin I’ve been a part of where I didn’t love the products! In theory, these should be products I love, since I’m always looking for that extra volume. However, in practice, it just didn’t work so well for me!

The first step is the Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Pre-Wash Conditioner. The second step is the Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Shampoo ($4.99).

Up until recently, I have always used drugstore shampoos, so I’m not a snob about them at all. However, for my particular hair, I just don’t think it gave my hair enough moisture. My hair is color-treated blonde so I have been using a moisturizing Pureology shampoo and conditioner.

Have you ever used a shampoo and when you ran your hands down you hair, you get that squeaky clean feeling? That is how my hair feels after using the Reverse system. When I use a more moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, my hair feels more moisturized and smooth rather than that squeaky clean feeling and after trying it for several days, I prefer my old shampoo.

That said, if you are someone with fine, thin hair that constantly feels weighed down by different products, the TRESemmé Reverse Wash system may be something that you would want to try! Since you could get the whole thing for under $10, it might be worth trying out!

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