If you haven’t checked out Memebox yet then you’re missing out. All K-beauty (my fav), great prices, awesome sales and even better boxes! Memebox is an online shop but they always have curated boxes that you can buy for way less than retail price – I have never been disappointed in any that I’ve received. This time I got the Gudetama Box, an adorable Holika Holika/Sanrio collaboration box full of egg-tastic products.



Price: Various, but the Gudetama Box was $30 (but I got it on sale!)

Box Type: Korean beauty, boxes curated around a theme (or no box at all and just shop their products!)

Why you’ll love it: I love Sephora, but if you’re buying K-beauty products they are only going to have expensive stuff. Memebox carries both high-end, indie, and drugstore brands that you aren’t going to find anywhere else. Plus the boxes are ALWAYS a great deal.

How to sign up: No signing up necessary, but click here and get 20% off your first Memebox purchase!

I really liked the Gudetama box. If you’re unfamiliar, Gudetama is a Sanrio character – a super depressed egg (seriously).


Holika Holika came out with the new Lazy & Easy line featuring egg-infused products meant to be great for your skin and fun/easy to use. They definitely succeeded. The line is pretty extensive, and this box gave me a huge sampling of the products (and were all full-sized!!).

Here’s what was inside:


Lazy & Easy All Kill Oil to Foam Cleanser – $20: This cleanser is gentle, softening, and left my skin perfectly clean without drying it out. The fact that this cleanser was practically the price of the box shows that we’re off to a great start.


Lazy & Easy Smooth Egg Peeling Gel – $12: To be honest, I had no idea what this product was when I bought the box, I just loved the packaging so much that I knew I needed it. Turns out it’s a super gentle, egg-packed peeling mask that makes your skin look downright fabulous.


Lazy & Easy Jelly Dough Blusher in Grapefruit – $15: This creamy, jelly-like blush is so much fun to put on. The texture is really neat, and it color perfectly complements my skin tone. Plus, look at that packaging. LOOK AT IT.


Lazy & Easy All Kill Sheet – $3: This is a pretty cool little product. It’s a 2-part pack; step 1 is a cleansing towel that doubles as a makeup remover, step 2 is a moisturizing mask containing egg yolk, milk, and honey. Needless to say, I love the illustration.

Final Rating: A+

I loved this box. I’m a sucker for fun packaging, and the theme was awesome. Plus, the retail value was $50! Good deal. I have a feeling Memebox will be announcing some new boxes soon for the holidays, so stay tuned for more!

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