You know I love Popsugar Must Have, but the January box missed the mark for me a little. It wasn’t the worst box ever, but it was pretty lackluster compared to a normal Popsugar box. They’ve set the bar so high in the past that when a mediocre box rolls around you tend to notice. Fortunately, the spoilers for the February box are super mega ultra exciting and will most certainly be a much, much better box than this month’s.


Price: $39.95/month

Box Type: Lifestyle & beauty, full-sized products

Why you’ll love it: Always on-trend, always fun and interesting, always worth 4-5 times the price of the box! There’s so much to love about Popsugar!

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Let’s get right to it. Presenting….. the Somewhat Disappointing But Not Entirely Awful January Popsugar Must Have Box!

Goldfaden MD Fresh A Peel Multi Acid Resurfacing Peel – $85.00

Jill: This was by far my favorite item in this box. I love using all natural products because harsh chemicals and my sensitive skin don’t really see eye to eye. Normally I would immediately assume my skin can’t handle a resurfacing peel, but this one is meant for even sensitive skin. This is the big ticket item this month, so I’m glad I can enjoy it.

Lauren: I actually only have one other similar product to this in my collection (and it’s by Juice Beauty) so I’m looking forward to see how this measures up. After a rough year last year, skin-wise, I’m in good shape but I’m still trying to fade the marks from that time. Why is it that the zits themselves aren’t ever the issue, it’s the marks they leave behind! Hopefully this will help my skin, slowly but surely.

Daily Concepts Your Hair Wrap Towel – $18.00

Jill: I initially really liked this towel because it seems handy to use after a shower instead of a traditional towel, but I cannot get it to work for me. I’ve got some practice to do if I want to look like the little picture on the packaging, because so far it’s not going so well. The fabric is microfiber and extremely soft, but it would have been great if they had included a visual aid (or even basic instructions).

Lauren: Much like Jill, I was really excited about this because I could just throw it in my gym bag instead of a big towel. And then I tried to put it on and… I could not figure it out! It took a few tries and a lot of laughs but I DID figure it out. But yeah, they totally sure have included a visual aid.

Glade No. 3 Free Coconut and Beach Woods Candle – $4.99

Jill: This was not an item that I was excited about when I initially saw spoilers for this box, but it ended up being one of my favorite products this month! It smells absolutely amazing. Like, I-don’t-want-to-burn-it-much-because-it’ll-disappear-too-fast amazing. Fortunately, it’s only $5 so I can replace it pretty easily. It smells way better than what you’d expect a $5 candle to smell like – AND IT’S SOY!! I love this candle. Bonus, you’d never know it was a Glade candle. It looks and smells way more expensive than it is:

Lauren: Like Jill, I wasn’t initially excited about a Glade candle but I totally agree that it smells delicious! And she’s right that it doesn’t look like a Glade candle either, which is nice, since you might not want to display a Glade candle with your fancier ones. But this one blends right in!

Manduka eQua Mat Towel in Playa – $38.00

Jill: And that’s the end of the items I liked this month. I don’t even know what to do with this gigantic yoga mat towel. I don’t like yoga and I don’t need a gigantic towel for the gym. It’s not quite a beach towel, and it’s microfiber so it’d be really weird on a beach or after a shower. For the record, this is now the second yoga-themed item in the past year that Popsugar has sent, and I am (admittedly irrationally) annoyed by it. The other item was an actual yoga mat, which is weirdly specific to yoga and can’t really be used for other things. Stop trying to make yoga happen to me, Popsugar.

Lauren: Yeah I honestly don’t know what to do with this either. I’ve kept the yoga mat because you really can do other stuff on it, like weights, ab workouts and whatnot. But I won’t use a giant microfiber towel, so I’m hoping my yoga-loving friend I’m seeing this week will use it or pass it on to someone who wants it.

May Designs Desk Calendar & Notecard – $25.00

Jill: If I worked at a desk I’d probably like this. I just personally have no use for it. That said, the design is cute and I’d imagine that desktop calendars are pretty handy if you have a desk job.

Lauren: This is the item that I’m actually MOST excited about. I have a ton of calendars for my desk, but I’ll totally make room for another because it’s so cute. I’m actually a fan of the company, May Designs. They let you customize little notebooks by color/design and you can personalize them. I got these for several girls a few years ago and thought they were so cute. They also sent a coupon along with the calendar, so I might buy something else.

Dean & Deluca Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea – $10.75

Jill: This might make some good iced tea, but I won’t know because I give all my tea away to my dad. He’s kind of got a claim on it.

Lauren: I might have kept and tried this if it was in tea bags versus loose tea. I don’t like tea enough to acquire the hot tea equipment. I’ll find a home for this.

Sourcebooks, Inc. Instant Happy Notes – $8.99

Jill: This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever gotten in a subscription box. It would be The #1 Worst Thing but I did get a miniature double decker bus toy once, and it is currently holding that title. Look, I’m all about adorable Post-It notes, but there’s no space to even write on these. What is the point? You can see what I mean below (every note is a variation of this).

Lauren: I love paper products but I can’t even understand a use for these. I was thinking about throwing them in the trash but that seemed wasteful. But what should I do with these? Any ideas?

Final Rating: C (Maybe a B if I liked yoga.)

Despite having a few items that I didn’t like, the value of this box is crazy high (though honestly that’s now just a given for Popsugar), The total retail price was $190.73 compared to the $39.95 box price (!!!). I’m sure I can gift the gigantic yoga mat towel to someone who will appreciate it, so whatever. I’m REALLY looking forward to the February box – it’s a good one!

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I bought this box, all opinions are my own.
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