OK,this is a warning for you. I get ranty in this month’s June Allure Beauty Box review. They included a product that has packaging that makes me so insanely angry. Probably way, WAY more angry than it should. But the rest of the box was pretty good!


Price: $15.00/month

Box Type: Monthly beauty box featuring 6 high end beauty product samples (and sometimes full-sized products!).

Why you’ll love it: Top brands, great price, new products that you will love! A great way to sample expensive products without committing to the price tag. Each box comes with an Allure mini-magazine that showcases each product and is as quality as you’d expect from a magazine powerhouse like Allure.

How To Subscribe: Click here! (If there’s a space for it, tell them we sent you! They don’t have a referral program but they obviously should.)

The thing that sets the Allure Beauty Box apart from some of the other beauty boxes on the block is the Allure Mini-Mag where the Allure editors give you the real-deal 411 on the products they chose for this box!

And here is everything we got! Check out that double YSL! What what! (Can you even see that? I feel like this picture was actually kind of terrible. I should be getting an actual real camera soon. I’m hoping it will be so good that the pictures just sort of take themselves without me having to do very much because cameras look hard.)

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Face Sheet Mask ($9): I’m normally a proponent of sheet masks but I’m not sure I am going to use this one. Though as I was typing this, I thought, “Wait! What if you decided to self-tan your body someday? You should save this and use it so you won’t have a tan body and a white face!” So I will do that, since I never really want to use the body self tanner on my face.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer ($52): Sometimes you win the subscription box lottery and you get TWO of the item you wanted to try the most! I’ve been on a primer quest lately. I’m trying to figure out which primers work with which foundations the best and this is proving to take a long time since I have a lot of both. I also have not been methodical about this and tend to forget the results so this quest will probably go on… literally forever. This stuff contains various oils which makes my skin feel extremely soft and velvety. There are also little gold flecks in it which give skin a subtle luminosity. Personally, I can’t use this on my nose – My nose is my Problem Area. It gets super oily on it’s own and definitely does with this primer. But I am going to try putting it just on my cheeks and forehead to see if I like how that makes one of my 100 foundations work. I’d tell you I would get back to you on this but I am 100% positive I will forget. You are starting to get the idea what it’s like to be in this Everlasting Primer Quest.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask ($58): I’m trying to think but I’m not sure I’ve ever used any products from Tata Harper but I’ve always heard really good things. I feel like lately I have used so many sheet masks or sleeping masks that I haven’t used a real old fashioned mask in awhile. This is supposed to help make skin brighter and I don’t even understand why I haven’t used this yet! I am going to use this tomorrow night. I can’t wait. But I kind of hope I don’t love it because I don’t know if I’m in for a $60 commitment. But I am very excited to try this!

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum ($78): Juice Beauty is one of those brands that I sort of forget about sometimes but I have amassed several of their products so I really need to start using them. I am definitely excited to try this serum, as I have wrinkles and I am anti those wrinkles. Apparently, this stuff contains “resveratrol, a polyphenol found in red grape skins that helps to prevent and reverse wrinkles and sagging.” So once I’m out of my current little serum I’m using, I’ll switch over to this one to watch the wrinkles start to disappear! (I am extremely anti-wrinkle. It’s a cause I am very passionate about.)

John Frieda Frizz Ease Keraflex Flexible Hold Hairspray ($9.99): I have to be honest, y’all. I just do not like this stuff. I’ve received it in a box or two and I like it because it’s gym bag-sized but then the actual product itself sort of weighs my hair down and doesn’t actually hold the curls in my hair. It annoys me when I go through all the work of curling my hair and then 3 hours later, everything is limp and sad just because of the hairspray. This might work for people with a different hair type? And maybe this would work better for me if I’m just trying to keep my straight hair… straighter? But there are many hairsprays I love much more.

Deco Miami Nail Lacquer in Feeling Fuego ($12.50): Y’all. It has been a long time since a product has made me so angry. (OK. Maybe it wasn’t that long ago. Remember that “gold” brow pencil?) But THIS product made me so angry that I was just walking around the house muttering about it. Because FIRST OF ALL. The packaging is really cool. A triangle box? They clearly put a lot of work into it. And then you open it, and the box says, “QUALITY – SENSIBLY SIZED – LUXURY.” So you’re thinking, “Wow, what amazing product is going to be in this super cute box that clearly took a lot of thought and work?” And then you realize that “LUXURY” product is in literally the crappiest packaging you have ever seen!!!  If you are a girl (or boy) of the 80’s, you have seen this polish bottle before. Because it used to contain nail polish that you would paint onto your nails and then immediately peel off. It came in this exact crappy packaging, with that plastic “gold” handle that looks like the gold is rubbing off. Y’all know what I’m talking about. I can almost SMELL that child nail polish. It was so distinct!

However, THIS polish is contained in packaging so crappy that it looks too cheap for even the dollar store. And so I was just walking around the house muttering “LUXURY.” Because why the hell would you waste SO MUCH MONEY on the cool, cute triangle box when the actual packaging that matters (since ostensibly you throw away the box) is a piece of shit? I have no idea if this nail polish is good or not. I will never use it because it infuriates me so much. I got a nail oil by this brand in another box and it was the exact same thing – that really fancy outer packaging that says “LUXURY” but then the same super crappy bottle. And then Matt was treated to this exact rant, except longer and with many more obscenities. I just do not even understand.

No one in their right mind should pay $12.50 for this. In fact, I am begging you not to. Buy this Wet n Wild nail polish instead. I tried it recently and the formula is LEGIT and it’s only $5. It took almost a week to show any chips and the brush applied polish beautifully. As an added bonus, it doesn’t make me irrationally angry.


Final Grade: B

This month’s Allure Beauty Box got a grade knocked off of it because of that stupid nail polish. But they DID include some great products from YSL Beauty, Tata Harper and Juice Beauty so it wasn’t all bad.

If you are interested in trying the Allure Beauty Box for yourself, click here!

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