It often happens that I find internet spoilers for boxes a bit underwhelming, but then when the box arrives I like it substantially more than I thought I would. That’s what happened with this month’s Popsugar. Everything in person was just… better than I expected.


Price: $39.95/month

Box Type: Lifestyle & beauty, full-sized products

Why you’ll love it: Always on-trend, always fun and interesting, always worth 4-5 times the price of the box! There’s so much to love about Popsugar!

How to sign up: Click here!  Use this link and code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box!

Check out what was in this month’s surprisingly good Popsugar box:

Ocean Tribe by Turkish-T Kilim Towel ($49)
This was the first spoiler that I saw for the July box, and I immediately was like WHY DO WE NEED ANOTHER TURKISH TOWEL. I’ve gotten two Turkish towels in the past from Popsugar, but neither of them come close to how great this one is. I actually love it. The pattern is awesome and the weight is much heavier than any Turkish towel I’ve ever had, plus it’s blanket-sized – it works perfectly as a throw for my white leather couch. I completely stand corrected from my original reaction to this spoiler, this item is awesome.

Tarte Cosmetics Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara ($23)
I am normally not a fan at all of waterproof mascara, but I really like the regular version of this mascara and every once in a while I find myself in a situation where waterproof makeup would be quite handy. Weddings, beach trips, rainy days… plus I just got some new waterproof eye makeup wipes that I really want to use so I have definitely come around to this item!

Supergoop! Super Power Sunscreen Mousse SPF 50 ($19)
Ok, we get it. It’s summer and that means we’re all using sunscreen more. If every. single. box is going to send me sunscreen, at least Popsugar had the sense to include a full-sized version of a really good one. The mousse formula is moisturizing and packed with antioxidants, plus it’s water resistant and absorbs pretty quickly. I love it!

Sisters of Los Angeles California Fireplace Matches ($10)
I have an self-lighting fireplace and rarely use my fire pit, so I don’t personally have a use for these matches, but I am really excited to give them to my sister who loves to sit around her fire pit during the summer! These are extra long and come in adorable packaging, plus there’s a lot of them in there. Sip Sip Tumbler ($14)
This is the one item in the box that I still don’t like, even having seen it in person. I can see this being useful on a beach, but is there really another use for a plastic cup with a lid and straw? Unsure.

Snyder’s of Hanover Wholey Cheese! Smoked Gouda ($3.69)
I am unreasonably excited for this one. I use the Ibotta app, which gives you a bunch of cash back on groceries that you were already going to buy, and this product has been featured for a while but my local grocery store doesn’t carry it! (Side note, if you don’t have the Ibotta app CLICK HERE to get an account because free money is the beeeeeeeest! Plus you’ll get some free bonus cash for signing up.) Anyway, these sound super tasty, like a non-artificial version of Cheez Its.

Final Rating: A

I was surprised by how much I liked this box, but in the end I liked it a lot! The retail value of this is over $118, which is awesome for a $39.99 box. I loooove the Turkish towel/throw, which is worth more than the price of the box itself. Popsugar consistently has super high box values, which is one of the reasons I keep coming back for more. I can’t wait to see what August has in store for us!




I bought this box, all opinions are my own. Post contains referral links. 

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