I hadn’t heard of Splendies until a very recent bout of coffee-induced insomnia during which I was half-awake, googling for new subscription boxes. $12/month for 3 pairs of underwear ($8 if you use the code SPLENDIES), and in the pictures they seemed to be pretty cute drawers. By morning, I had completely forgotten that I subscribed.

Three days later, a very plain brown envelope arrived in the mail, and inside was a handful of panties. No invoice or note, just an unmarked envelope of lacy underwear. To say I was confused would be an understatement.

By the time I remembered why I was receiving unmentionables in the mail, I was pretty happy I made the foggy decision that I did. The first pair was downright saucy – soft mesh with polka dots. I will definitely wear these, and the price tag on them says they retail for $14.

The reviews mentioned the undies run small, so I ordered a size up (the reviews were right). I absolutely abhor small underwear, so I typically buy a large. I made sure my subscription is for XL, and they fit comfortably. There is also an option for a plus size line for just a few bucks more.

Next was a very cute thong. I’m not a fan of thongs, but I’ll probably wear this one. Splendies does have a no-thong option for $2 extra per month. I didn’t bother with that for the intro box because I wanted to see what a typical box would contain, but I will upgrade to that option going forward. That said, this particular thong is pretty rad. It’s a nylon/spandex blend and has a really cute print. As thongs go, it’s fairly inoffensive. It also retails for $9.


The last pair came with a problem that I think I can solve with a pair of scissors. They’re all lace, so I didn’t notice it at first, but the leg opening is sewn up into the waistband of the underwear. I think I can fix it, but if not I’ll let them know of the problem. Otherwise, they’re very pretty! They even have a fancy little jewel on the front, and the price tag says they are normally $12.




All in all I would rate this box an A-. The sewing mishap and the fact that I got a thong aren’t too big of a deal, considering I got $35 of underwear for $8. I’m going to keep this subscription for a couple of months to stock up on some skivvies.

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