Well, I got my first monthly Splendies box (my previous review was for their intro box for signing up). I now understand what other reviewers were talking about when they said that the underwear runs small. There is no way I can fit into any of the underwear they sent me, and I ordered an XL! This is a shame, because the undies were pretty cute, and I wish I could squeeze more than one butt cheek into them. I will sadly be canceling my subscription with Splendies based on this box.


The first pair is hilariously tiny. There’s no way these could fit anyone over a size 2, which sucks because they’re adorable and I want to be able to wear them. I typically find myself somewhere in the range of medium to large in terms of American sizing, depending on brand. In Splendies land, I am a full out plus-sized gal should be looking into their Voluptees line for curvier ladies. I would not be opposed to subscribing to their larger line, but it’s $17/month and honestly I don’t need underwear that badly. (UPDATE: I contacted Splendies letting them know how unhappy I was with this box, and they offered me two free pairs of undies if I upgraded to Voluptees. I will be trying Voluptees for a month and reviewing as soon as I receive it!)

IMG_0883 IMG_0884

The second pair is pretty cute, and totally something I would wear – if I could fit into their child-sized sizing scheme. I like the orange and gray, it’s not overly girly but still cute. The front has polka dots and the back is striped, but I look absurd in them, and they are so tight that they’re very uncomfortable. Unlike Lauren’s Wantable box, I can’t send these back. Can you donate underwear to charity? Is that weird?


The last pair is my least favorite, as it is a thong. I wrote to Splendies and tried to upgrade my subscription to the $2 more per month no-thong version, but it was too late. A thong was sent. I really hate thongs. My previous review had a thong on it, which appeared to be a pretty cute thong. I actually liked it – until I put it on. As soon as the fabric contacted skin, it became an underwear hell beast. It stretched into long, thin strips of fabric that curled into little ropes, and it would not stay in any one place for more than a few seconds. I won’t go into too much detail, I am a lady after all, but I would liken the experience to that of wearing a string bikini made of dental floss. My fiance got really tired of hearing me complain about my underwear that day (sorry). So when this thong arrived (much smaller than the first one), I audibly groaned. At least this pair is made of cotton, so maybe it won’t do the weird curling and stretching thing that the previous thong did. I’ll never know though, because I don’t wear thongs.

I’m giving this box a solid, unrelenting D. I paid $12 for underwear that I will never be able to fit in, even if I miraculously drop 30lb. Despite having adult models on their website, it’s just not made for adults. The underwear itself is cute, but what good is cute if you can’t wear it? I am looking forward to the Voluptees box, and I really appreciate the prompt and accommodating customer service when I reached out to them.




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  1. laurenelectro
    October 2, 2014 at 9:16 am (3 years ago)

    I’m really annoyed that you’ve basically been told that you are plus size when you aren’t at all. Plus sized… compared to children? I have no problem saying I’m large and in charge when in fact I am but in this case you are not. It’s demoralizing to have to move to a plus size box. I’m angry on your behalf.

  2. Christy
    October 3, 2014 at 6:16 pm (3 years ago)

    Having to go plus size seems all kind of wrong… It would be interesting to see their XL next to some other brands for scale.

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