It is that time again– another POPSUGAR Must Have box. Which means it’s time for another co-blog from Jill and I. Weirdly this month, I got my box almost 2 weeks before Jill did. Subscription boxes need to get it together. Don’t they know Jill and I have important blog posts to write? Jeez. POPSUGAR Must Have is a lifestyle box that includes beauty, home, wellness, and food type items for $39.95/month. These boxes are so wonderfully curated and opening each one is always a treat. It’s one of our combined favorite boxes.

I was fairly excited when I saw the spoilers this month though Jill was less so. This means we might have wildly differing opinions on the products this month. I kind of like those months. You get to learn different perspectives!



And onto the contents! 2015/01/img_1748.jpg

Jack + Lucy Pom Pom Hat ($32):

Lauren: This was the “big ticket” item this month and I was pretty excited about it. I had a similar hat in my aerie shopping cart very recently and I didn’t pull the trigger and I am glad because then I would have TWO slouchy grey beanies. I sort of wish there WASN’T the pom pom on it but I still really like this hat. I also think I look really cute in it. Matt told me I do, so I’m going with that.

Jill: Ugh, this hat. It is really hard for me to find hats because I have a large, round head and a large, round face. Most hats look comically small on me, and so I dread receiving them in subscription boxes. 90% of this hat is perfect. It’s soft, warm, well made, and big enough to even be slouchy on me. And then there is the thing that ruins it for me, and there’s no way I will ever wear it – the stupid f*cking fluffy pom pom that rests directly on the back of my head. I am 32 years old and I outgrew fluffy pom poms around 20 years ago. I desperately looked for a way to cut it off, but this thing is like Ft. Knox – there’s no getting into it. To quote my fiance, “You’re like, halfway to being a furry in that thing.”



First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream ($28):

Lauren: This is a pretty nice skincare brand that is sold at retailers like Sephora. I’ve often tried their samples but I’ve never bought a full size so I was totally excited to get this. Hand cream is super vital during the winter months and this formula is very moisturizing but not super heavy. This might become a staple in my household as I have been keeping it within arm’s length. I’m a fan.

Jill: This is the only thing in the box that I am happy to receive. I had never tried this hand cream before, but I will try any new hand cream or lotion because I use a ton of it. I was pleasantly surprised by this one, it’s super moisturizing and the moisture lasts all day. It’s my favorite item in the box!

ToGoSpa EYES ($12): 

Lauren: While I don’t have issues with bags or dark circles, I do find it really relaxing to put these little treatments under my eyes. This was a nice treat, though nothing I would ever need to buy for myself.

Jill: I don’t really have any need for under eye treatment, my eyes are fine. No bags, no dark circles, no use for putting ice water on my face. I would have assumed this to be a sample since the package is so small and, well, sample-like. Apparently this is the full size? I will probably give it to my mom or sister, both of whom love trying new products like this.



General Mills Nature Valley Protein Granola ($3.68)

Lauren: So the food item this month a huge bag of peanut butter’n dark chocolate  granola. I’ve never been a granola kind of girl but if peanut butter and dark chocolate are involved with granola now then I think I need to give granola another look. This is essentially like eating a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup but healthy. I like that.

Jill: I would totally eat protein granola in peanut butter and dark chocolate flavor. Problem is, it’s not good for you. It’s high in calories and sugar. Worse,  it kind of tastes like how my dog’s favorite treats smell. Kind of bland, not good enough to waste calories on, and not filling enough (seriously, 10g of protein is not that much) to replace a meal with it.



Skin Jewel Tattoos sponsored by EMPIRE ($18): 

Lauren: I was initially excited about these tattoos but I think my brain had been blinded by my love for Ariana on Vanderpump Rules. I think it’s OK for SUR bartenders to wear these during summer bachelorette parties in Miami but for 30+ year olds in January, these are kind of a stretch. These would be much better suited in a summer box because this is the dead of winter and no one is baring enough skin for skin jewel tattoos. I’m not sure I am young enough to pull these off. Even if I was on a beach.

Jill: What she said. I am not convinced I can pull these off. Regardless, I will be bringing these to my bachelorette weekend in New Orleans where maybe some of my girlfriends will get some use out of them. After enough wine, I won’t out rule putting on some metallic tribal tattoos.



Manduka eQua Hand Towel ($16):

Lauren: I like having workout towels for when I use my elliptical. My friend Melissa bought me a Lululemon towel awhile back and I have put it through the wringer as my only gym towel. The rest of the time I use my hand towels and I’m thinking I should stop that now. I’m an adult. My hand towels belong in the bathroom. This towel is supposed to be ultra great for yoga because it somehow gets more sticky when it’s sweaty? I am not entirely sure how that is important for yoga because I do not do yoga, but I thought I would mention that.

Jill: I work out a lot, like 5 days a week. I don’t really sweat like a hog so I’m not sure I need a highly absorbent workout towel. I’ve made it this far with the regular, workout towel that I already have. Also, this towel is apparently “sweat activated”. What the hell does that mean? What does it do when it touches sweat? Does it only become a towel when sweat is absorbed? Is that a philosophical question?

KeepCup Brew 12-Ounce Reusable ($26):

Lauren: So, I am totally obsessed with my Keurig. Ever since I bought it a few months ago, I haven’t been to Starbucks. I am that serious about it. I have purchased a couple cute mugs but I am always open to more cute mugs. I like to drink my coffee on my 45+ minute commute to work but I can’t always tell how much I have left so I’m excited to try this clear one.

Jill: I feel really whiny this month. I already have mugs and travel mugs and thermoses. I feel like I am all set in the hot beverage department. There isn’t anything special about this small glass cup with a lid that is going to compel me to use it. It’s smaller than my coffee mugs. It’s about 1/3 the size of my thermos. It’s glass, which is not a known heat insulator, so good luck keeping that morning libation warm. Also, it feels a little cheap. Why would someone ever spend $26 on this thing?


Lauren Final Grade: A

Jill Final Grade: D

Lauren: I really liked this box. I like wearing the hat around my house (though it hasn’t been cold enough yet to wear it out. I’m not entirely sure why I’ve been wearing it around my house but I guess that is another story) and I LOVE that First Aid Beauty lotion. I am fired up about the coffee cup and the eye pads were a relaxing treat. The only thing I’m ho hum about are those dumb tattoos. I need to befriend some high schoolers (in a totally non-creepy way) and give them away.

Jill: I did not like this box at all. I’m over giving Popsugar a pass for being so awesome, because lately they’ve been pretty disappointing. The December box was SO GOOD, which makes this box just that much worse. They know how to put a great box together, why not do that every month? There was a half-off coupon code for this month, I wish I had used it. I think they sent that around for a reason. I really hope February is amazing to make up for this one.

If you are interested in trying POPSUGAR Must Have for yourself (and I totally think you should) click here for this referral link! 

A self-proclaimed beauty junkie/hoarder with a serious Sephora problem. After years with Birchbox, she now has a subscription box problem as well. Her free time is a mixed combination of cats, TV, and finally trying to figure out how to do her hair.

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