It wouldn’t be a Boxycharm box if I haven’t had to contact their customer service for some reason, would it? Remember my December box, where they sent me (and a lot of other people) a damaged lipstick? When I contacted them, they told me they would send a replacement in my January box. So I opened my box and looked for my replacement lipstick and it was nowhere to be found. So I had to email them again. This time, I asked them just to send it to me directly instead of sending it in the next month’s box because I didn’t foresee that actually happening. They surprised me and actually did it! And even more surprising to me, I really, really like the lipgloss they sent to me! The original Be a Bombshell damaged lipstick was a brick orange-red but the replacement Be a Bombshell lipgloss is a beautiful pinky nude called Mauvelous. I can actually wear this regularly! So while it’s mildly annoying I had to reach out to Boxycharm yet again, I’m pleased with the resolution.


Sometimes I wonder if Boxy Charm is even worth it? However, for $21/month, they do tend to send some neat things so I have not gone through what is sure to be an incredibly giant hassle to cancel yet. Let’s see what was in my January box!

The theme for the January box is “Celebrate in Style” though none of the products seem really fit that theme, but A for effort, I guess. It’s timely.



And behold the contents! Some were nice and some were totally random and some were both.



  • Beauty For Real The Perfect Pencil ($14): This pencil claims to be the only lip liner you will ever need. Its special shade is said to complement and enhance the natural shape of your lips. This is a nice nude pencil but the perfect lip pencil is actually clear lip pencils. I love those because those really DO go with everything. But this would be nice with natural shades.
  • Beauty For Real True Color Lip Cream in Always There ($22): This was a neat lipgloss in that it has a light and a mirror on it. I like the color of it OK but it’s a little bit goopy if I’m totally honest. But this was a nice addition. I like to receive shades like this because I wear them a lot. And I’m always down for a gimmick like a light. That is neat. If only my purse had a light in it to find the lipgloss with the light.



  • Tarte Maracuja Bronzing Serum ($47): I am the first to say I love Tarte products. Tarte is one of my favorite brands. However. January is a really strange time to receive bronzing products, right? I feel like a broken record here, but this is the dead of winter, Boxycharm. Maybe they got a discount BECAUSE it it is the dead of winter? I’m definitely a fan of the Maracuja Serum on its own and I’m very interested to try the bronzing version– when the rest of my routine moves into bronzing. That is, maybe Spring-Summer-ish. So this is a “To Be Continued” review.
  • Mirabella Face Prime ($29): This was considered a full size tube of their primer. Uh, ok. Thanks for the tiny full size tube, I guess. Snark aside, I had just been talking to one of my friends how I don’t have a primer in my routine so I’m interested in trying it. Some primers get too silicone-y and come off in little balls of silicone + makeup which is sort of the opposite of what you want a primer to do. I’ve only used this a few times but I like it so far. But I wouldn’t pay $29 for that tiny tube of primer because that is ridiculous.



  • (Not pictured separately) Pur-lisse Skin Sparkle Flash Tattoos ($12): I am not into the metallic skin tattoos. I once thought I was but that was because Ariana from Vanderpump Rules wore them at a bachelorette party in Miami. But then I remembered I’m actually NOT Ariana from Vanderpump Rules and it is the dead of winter. So I do not need these at all. Please stop sending these in subscription boxes, everyone. (I’m looking at you, POPSUGAR Must Have.)


Final Grade: B-

I’m a big fan of the Be a Bombshell lipgloss, the Mirabella primer, and of course, the Tarte bronzing serum. However, the Tarte bronzing serum comes at a strange time where I won’t be using it for a few months, so I’m taking off some points for that. Also took off points for those dumb skin tattoos because those need to quit existing. I’m pretty apathetic about the Beauty For Real products but they are nice neutrals which are never bad to have around. I also took points off because Boxycharm is just a giant pain in the rear to deal with. Maybe that will change someday. However, the value of the products they put in their boxes for $21/month is usually very good, even if it’s a bit inflated. So I keep going back.

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