This is an exciting weekend because it is Jill’s bachelorette party weekend in New Orleans! While I am a bridesmaid in Jill’s wedding, I was unfortunately not able to go to what is bound to be the adventure of a lifetime due to things like “responsibility” and “building a house.” I’m sure Jill will be doing a Friday Favorites – New Orleans Edition at some point in the future. But until then, you have me again.

  • One of the biggest discoveries I have made this week is a new savings account called Digit. I have historically had issues with saving money. I struggle with wondering whether I should put big chunks of money towards debt or in a savings account. And then sometimes if I have had an automatic savings transfer going, things would come up and I would end up just transferring it back to my checking account. Digit is sort of revolutionary because they monitor your checking account and spending habits and bills and just transfer small amounts that you wouldn’t even notice to savings. This is really the kind of savings account I need–someone taking money away from me before I can spend it! And the amounts could vary. Since I signed up, they have only made one transfer of $4.58. This amount will vary but I love that– I would never miss $4.58 but if they do that a few times a week and raise the amount depending on what I have, that could really add up! And it also allows me to still put bigger chunks of money to my debt where I really need to. Obviously this type of account doesn’t work for everyone but I could not be more fired up about it. I’m also really excited about the impacts of accounts like this. I wish my 401k did something similar. Maybe in the future! I encourage y’all to try it out. However– here’s the catch: while this account is free, it’s only free because you are not earning interest on your money. For me, this is fine because once I get bigger chunks of money, I’ll simply transfer it to an interest bearing account. But I wanted to give you the 411!  Click here for my referral link!


  •  Litter Robot Bubble Unit: All right. Let’s talk cats. I have 3 cats which some people might think is too many cats. Sometimes I think that is too many cats. But, let’s be honest, cats are pretty great. Especially for lazy people like me who do not want to be responsible for having to take a pet outside for walks and whatnot. Cats will poo in a box! However… then you have a box of poo in your house. It’s a give and take. About a year ago, I made one of the best purchases of my life, and it was the Litter Robot Bubble Unit. Essentially, this is a litter robot and I have not had to clean a litter box since. I bought it back when I had fewer cats and we just invested in another one for our merged cat household and it is wonderful. This machine will empty the dirty litter into a drawer underneath while keeping the clean litter separate. It also has sensors so it knows when your cat is in there so won’t start its cycle until about 7 minutes after it senses the cat has left. Now I feel like cleaning litter with a scoop is just barbaric. 🙂 The only real downside is its cost: It’s $389. However, not scooping litter for the past several years has been worth every penny. (Now you can use Digit to save for your new litter box.)


  • Earlier this week, I posted about a product I got in February’s Glossybox called Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner. I had never used a cleansing conditioner before and I was slightly nervous that it would make my fine, straight hair a greasy mess. But it didn’t! It was a little weird to not have a lather but my hair looked pretty great afterwards. I liked the Unwash brand a lot and I would be interested in trying different ones. Hey boxes– send me more of this stuff.
  • House of Cards: Since I am not with my friends in NOLA, I might spend most of the weekend watching all of Season 3 of House of Cards in one sitting. Both because it’s awesome and because I want to see all of Robin Wright’s outfits.

house of cards


Have a great weekend, everyone! Check back next week for a few different product reviews, including the Arbonne review I’ve been promising!



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