Sunset 45 is definitely one of my favorite boxes. I never know what sorts of jewelry they are going to send and the boxes are always so thoughtfully curated. Ever since I switched to the Classics box, I’ve been getting some really great pieces. For $30/month, Sunset 45 will send a box of jewelry and accessories usually focused around a theme that is based on current fashion trends. They also offer the “Lavish” box for $30/month but I tried that one for a few months and didn’t care for it. If $30 is too much for a box of unknown jewelry, they also offer a smaller box called Editor’s Choice for $20/month. (I haven’t ever tried that one, though.)

This month, the theme was Studio 45, alluding to the 1970’s Studio 54. Some of the designers that Studio 54 chose as inspiration were Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Saint Laurent and Derek Lam.

So how did this inspiration materialize into jewelry this month?

Here is the full collection! Are you currently thinking, “Holy cow, that is a LOT of stuff?” Because that is what I was thinking when I kept opening package after package after package from the box. It was like an almost never ending nesting doll. Already you can see that the $30 I paid was an incredible value.

  • Lipton necklace ($14): This is one of my favorite pieces that they sent! This necklace looks so classic. It isn’t 100% tortoiseshell  like the bracelet but I still see it in that preppy vein. But I also like that it looks like it could be heavy stones but it’s not– it’s plastic so it won’t weigh you down. But it doesn’t look like cheap plastic. I am a fan of this.
  • Natalie bracelet ($14): This bracelet is that traditional tortoiseshell that I mentioned before. Tortoiseshell is so classic and preppy and this bracelet could go with so many things. These items are making me miss my Frye riding boots because these would go perfectly! (One of my damn cats peed on them. My life has been forever changed and sad.)

  • Coda necklace set ($28): This is my second favorite necklace in the box. The color is really interesting.. a bit on the copper side. I like how delicate this is and how it could dress up something simple. I don’t typically wear matching necklace and earrings but I think with the right outfit, I could wear both of these. I’m thinking about wearing these with a simple black dress and I think that would look really nice for work and beyond!

  • Bianca tassel necklace set ($26): This necklace has confounded me a little bit. I actually really like it but I’m stuck on how to wear it. It’s unique in that it’s one long chain. So you have options with it– you could wear it more like a traditional necklace as I’ve pictured here or you could wear it knotted loosely as well. I am going to have to put more thought into how I can wear it because I think it could be pretty cool if I can figure out how to pull it off! The earrings are just meh to me… they remind me of my first pair of “dangly” earrings that I begged my mom for except mine were pastel colored.

  • Flyer sunglasses ($17):  This was my first time receiving sunglasses from Sunset 45 and while I LOVE aviators, these are giant on my face. In fairness, I have a small face. I might send these to Jill– she has a large head and face. I really wish they fit my face, though. I really love them.
  • Feather drop earrings ($10): I’m a bit confused about how to wear these feather earrings. I am hesitant to give them away because they could be quite striking with the right outfit (or costume!) but of course, these are not for the every day. However, for the theme, this was a cool addition.

Final Grade: A

I could not believe it when I opened my $30 box and found 3 necklaces, 3 pairs of earrings, a pair of sunglasses and a bracelet. It’s like they said, “Let’s give Lauren ALL THE THINGS this month.” And I like almost all of them! I love this box so much. I can’t wait to see what I get next month!

Sunset 45 doesn’t do referral codes but click here to learn more about Sunset 45 and subscribe for yourself!

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