Sunset 45 is usually one of my favorite boxes. I never know what sorts of jewelry they are going to send and the boxes are always so thoughtfully curated. Ever since I switched to the Classics box, I’ve been getting some really great pieces. For $30/month, Sunset 45 will send a box of jewelry and accessories usually focused around a theme that is based on current fashion trends. They also offer the “Lavish” box for $30/month but I tried that one for a few months and didn’t care for it. If $30 is too much for a box of unknown jewelry, they also offer a smaller box called Editor’s Choice for $20/month. (I haven’t ever tried that one, though.)

I had been considering cancelling this box for the time being but since February was so great I decided not to. The theme for March is Picnic Brunch and I was hoping for the best but it was unfortunately a big box of NOPE.

The first piece I opened was this terrible Lila Crystal Choker ($25). I mean, I’m not even sure I would have worn this in the 90’s. This is just not even close to being relevant now.

Then I opened these Rondelle Drop Earrings ($18) which screamed OLD LADY to me. You know how old ladies wear those matching slacks/blouse outfits? I’ve never seen them on anyone except old ladies. I have no idea where one would even find those outfits. But these are the earrings that they would buy to match their outfit.

Dazzler drops ($18): These earrings were possibly the least offensive of the bunch but they still aren’t cute. Jill initially thought they were like the 360 studs I get from BaubleBar and if they were, I think I would like them. Instead they are just sort of weirdly clunky.

Then they sent this Turquoise & Crystal bracelet ($24). I just– I can’t. This is not even country enough for my friends that wear turquoise and not blingy enough for the others. Basically, I can’t think of anyone who would wear this.

Sunset 45 slightly redeemed themselves with the Mienn Arisannal Fragrance Oil Number 1 they included. It is a clean, light scent with red currant, bitter pear, bergamot, amaryllis and Hinoki. I’m pretty terrible at describing scents but it’s sort of musky and sweet at the same time. I really like this. It’s a nice size for your purse or your desk.


Final Grade: D-

This month’s Sunset 45 box was not pretty. I don’t think it was as bad as the Bill Nye box but I’m still stuck with a ton of jewelry I will never wear. And I don’t even want other people to wear it. The perfume was the only saving grace! Normally I tell people to subscribe to this box but sometimes Sunset 45 can be SO hit or miss. I’m sorry to be so negative on a Monday morning but seriously. What was I supposed to do?

Normally, I really am able to find a few things in every Sunset 45 box that I like. This month was definitely abnormal in that respect. If you are interested in learning more about Sunset 45, click here!

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