Popsugar Must Have is one of my and Lauren’s favorite monthly boxes. I genuinely scour the internet looking for spoilers weeks before it’s due to arrive because I can’t keep the excitement at bay. If you’re interested in an awesome mix of beauty and lifestyle products, then look no further because that’s exactly what you’ll get for $39.95/month. Even better, it’s got a super high value of the products inside, which just adds to the fun.

FullSizeRender (12)This month’s box centered around beginning a new year and included a lot of “new start” and self-improvement type items. Since we both love Popsugar so much Lauren and I are going to review this box together! Let’s see what we got this month:


Pebble Speck Bin by Pehr Designs – $40.00

Jill: This is by far my favorite item in this month’s box! I love the color and the style, plus it’s large enough to actually be useful! The neutral colors make it great for my house, plus it’s a cute way to store things.

Lauren: I am really excited about this! I really needed a trash can in my guest room and I have been really lazy in buying one so this might be my temporary trash can. And if I ever get around to buying a real trash can, this will look really nice tucked in a corner with a throw blanket or two inside!


Bath & Shower Gel Gift Set by Not Soap, Radio – $22.00

Jill: I’m really loving all these deluxe samples I’m getting lately because I have several trips (and one long vacation) coming up where I will need some travel stuff. I’m not a huge fan of the scents (seriously, none of them smell great to me), but the size is perfect for cramming into a toiletries bag.

Lauren: I am running dangerously low on shower gel and was just thinking I needed to make a Target run… then I remembered I had these! Like Jill alluded to, they smell a LITTLE strange? The one I’m most looking forward to trying is the Liquid Freud, which is coconut milk, mango and vanilla. I love vanilla scents, so this is a no-brainer. My second favorite is the “…when life gives you lemons…” scent. It’s lemon + sugar so it sort of smells like lemonade! What is kind of neat about these little shower gels is that they all have little inspiring messages on the back. I’ve always liked reading the backs of my products in the shower, so I appreciate these. The other scents are a little strange. For example, when I saw the purple one, I assumed it was lavender, which it is… with clementine. Lavender and citrus is kind of strange. The “beach + sky blue water” (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?) doesn’t smell great to me. Maybe a little manly or something. I think I would appreciate it on Matt. I feel the same way about the “green & white tea + clover” is kind of the same. I think I just prefer more floral/fruity scents in a body wash.


FlashMasque Trio by Patchology – $20.00

Jill: I am down to try any sheet mask. I am really happy they included these because I am bound and determined to make 2016 the Year of the Masks for me. I need to pamper myself more, and since I’m not trying to spend $$$ on regular facials, regular use of quality masks at home is the next best thing. Plus it’s pretty fun to walk around looking like a psychopath for 30 minutes.

Lauren: I’m always down for a sheet mask. Most of these I receive are on the moisturizing/illuminating side (like two of these are) but I am excited to try the exfoliating one. Also excited to scare Matt for a few minutes. He does not like sheet masks.


Spark Joy by Marie Kondo – $18.99

Jill: I had my reservations about this book when I saw spoilers for it, but in person I like it a lot more than I thought I would. It’s full of good tips on how to get (and stay) organized, tidy, and focused. I think we could all use this book!

Lauren: I am attempting to get more organized in my life, so I am interested to read this book and see what this gal is all about. I know this is her second book, but it’s the first one I have so I will start here!


Day Designer Weekly Planner by Blue Sky – $15.99

Jill: Sorry guys, this is the one item I am rolling my eyes at. It’s an obvious choice for a New Years themed box, but I don’t need a planner. It’s 2016 and I have an iPhone. Anyone want this?

Lauren: I love planners and in my day job, it’s the only way I can keep myself organized and keep track of the things I have to do and what I have coming up. The only problem is… I already had one of these mid-January. Obviously. This type of product would be better sent in a November/December box so that we’d be ready to start the year. I’m going to take this to work to see if anyone there needs a new one! (Mine is so pretty, it’s from Rifle Paper Co.)


ChapStick Total Hydration 100% Natural Soothing Vanilla – $2.99

Jill: I am a total ChapStick girl. My lips get irritated by certain balms and glosses, but ChapStick always fixes them up. While I like this “fancy” version of an old classic, it’s not really a substitute for my tried and true basic ChapStick. That said, I’ve been wearing it for weeks now and I like it a lot!

Lauren: I received this in an Allure box so I already knew I loved it. And I recently discovered I do not have a chapstick in my purse, which is a travesty. I have now solved that.


Summer Snow Sugar Free Gum by Project 7, Inc. – $1.99

Jill: This is gum, so I don’t have much to say about it other than I think it’s cool that this brand donates part of its proceeds to anti-bullying efforts. And it tastes good!

Lauren: Like Jill, I don’t have much to say about gum. I like gum but prefer my gum to be minty. I will probably still chew this, though.


Jill: B+  I like most of the things in this box, but some of the items missed the mark for me this month. Popsugar always (ALWAYS) redeems itself, so I have no doubt that I’ll love the February box. The total retail value of this box is a whopping $121.96 and I paid $39.95 for it, so once again Popsugar can’t be beat in terms of value.

Lauren: B I liked this box a lot but I didn’t LOVE this box. There were things in here I am glad to have but nothing that I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on. Besides the Chapstick, maybe. Haha. Not really, I am glad to have that bin, and I think it will look great in my house!


Jill & Lauren

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We purchased this box, all opinions are our own.
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