Oh hey, it’s February Birchbox time again. And it’s not even February anymore, so time flies when you are having fun. Like Jill, I didn’t care for this month’s Birchbox, which is probably why I’ve been putting off writing about it.

If you are just now joining us, Birchbox sends out deluxe, high-end samples at $10/month. One of the great things about Birchbox is you can earn points which translates to money to spend in their store where you can purchase full-sized items beauty and lifestyle items just by giving some feedback about what you received. We love giving our opinions, so this works well for Jill and I.

This month, I was surprised to receive a bigger box in lieu of the regular monthly size, and then I remembered I upgraded my box to “Birchbox Plus.” Early in each month, Birchbox gives you the opportunity to upgrade your box with different lifestyle/beauty products that are usually discounted as a special to Birchbox. I think I paid an extra $20 but now I can’t see in my account the total I paid, so it might have been $25.

The Umbra frame is perfect for your favorite Instagram picture, and the Umbra small jewelry holder is perfect for tossing those things you want to get handy.

This month’s theme is around dressing up for a special occasion. I’m not sure any of my products really match that theme, and I’m not too thrilled about anything I got. Some of this is my fault, some is not. This is the luck of the subscription box draw, ladies and gentlemen. (Gentlemen? Maybe there is a rogue gentleman reader. Hello!) 

Here’s everything I got. Let’s see how things measured up.

Arrow Boost Color Changing Lip Balm: This was a full-sized product and I can’t be mad about it because I actually CHOSE this sample. But like Jill, I have a sensitivity to castor oil in lip products and I didn’t realize this contained it. It’s sad, because I actually want to use this product. I like keeping a tinted balm at my desk at work, but alas, this won’t be it.

Color Club Nail Polish: This is a very meh nail polish. I’ll give it to my niece. I prefer Julep.

Borghese Fango Purificante Purifying Clay Cleanser: My skin is going through a rough patch these days where it’s dry but also breaking out. Hooray! I read that this stuff made skin even dryer so I am not trying it until my skin situation has worked itself out.

Corioliss Argan Hair Mask: I am tired of Birchbox sending me these types of hair products. I think I’ve wailed on enough about that in the past so I won’t say much except that I don’t need a hair mask, and Birchbox knows this.

Catherine Malandrino Romance de Provence ($65): This was a floral perfume that made little to no impact on me whatsoever.

Final Grade: D

This would have been an all out fail if not for the products that I chose myself. I wish the balm didn’t make my lips crack and peel. I think companies put castor oil in lip products so you need to use the lip products more often. I WILL NO LONGER BE FOOLED! I do really like the frame and jewelry holder but again, I chose those and I paid for them. The box itself was a big meh for me. But not every month is like February! Jill and I didn’t have great luck but we’ve been getting pretty decent boxes lately so I will let this one slide.

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