Hi everyone! I was so excited when I was approached by SkinStore and asked if I wanted to review a box full of Caudalíe products. Ummmm… I think y’all all know that I could not say yes fast enough. I already like one of their products a LOT and I’ve heard so many great things about their others.

So I anxiously awaited my box… And y’all. When it came, it did NOT disappoint! Right now, this limited edition box is worth $169 but you can pick it up from SkinStore for just $55, which is a steal if you are already into Caudalíe or if you want to experiment with a new brand!

Look at all of the amazing products packed into this box! I was just so giddy to get all of these Caudalíe products at once! I actually did not know much about the brand before receiving this box.

Included in the box was a 19-page booklet that went into such great detail about the brand and each product. The brand began when Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, husband and wife founders of Caudalíe, had a chance encounter with Dr. Vercauteren, the world’s leading expert on grape and grapevine polyphenols, in Bordeaux, France, while in the vineyards of the family estate. Dr. Vercauteren revealed that the extraordinary antioxidant power of the discarded debris of the grape harvest is ten thousand times more effective than vitamin E to fight against free radicals. Together, they worked to develop beauty products that contain the exceptional powers that the grape and grapevine hold for the skin. Caudalíe has established years of scientific research, using the best ingredients to craft beauty products that are not only effective but also natural and luxurious.

Isn’t that so interesting?! I just drink wine, I never thought about putting it on my face. The more you know. 🙂

Caudalíe Resveratrol Lift Eye Lifting Balm (FULL SIZE! $62): This eye balm is the product that was already part of my routine before SkinStore reached out to me. I think I received a deluxe sample of it in an Allure Beauty Box awhile back. It’s the eye product I use in the morning before I apply makeup. It leaves my under eyes feeling moisturized but not like TOO moisturized where makeup would lay over it in a weird way. I tend to have pretty sensitive skin around my eyes and I can’t use certain anti-aging eye products and I have had no issues with this. The balm is powered by a patent combining Vine Resveratrol with Micro Hyaluronic Acids which help to lift eyelids, reduce puffiness and dark circles and smooth out wrinkles.

Caudalíe Micellar Cleansing Water (FULL SIZE! $28): I have to be honest, I’m just not really into micellar waters. I do, however, like cleansing cloths soaked in micellar water, but I just feel like I have to use so many cotton pads to get the job done to where it’s not worth it to me. But I’ll be keeping this in the room where I film because this DOES work, so it will be perfect for removing swatches.

Caudalíe Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet (FULL SIZE! $39): This was my first time trying this moisturizer and I really loved it! They call this a “sorbet” and that’s a really interesting way to describe it. It’s certainly not whipped but it does have a lighter gel-like texture… even though it’s definitely a cream. It’s very hard to describe but you really only need a little bit to moisturize your whole face and it feels so nice and soft.

Caudalíe Vinoperfect Radiance Serum ($79 for the full-size): This product was the only one in the box that I had any issues with, and the reason being is because I feel like that tube looks like a pretty decent deluxe-sized sample but mine was practically empty. I was like, bending that tube like you do when you are right at the end of your toothpaste tube but forgot to get more from the store. I got a tiny bit of the product out and it felt nice but I really wasn’t able to use it long enough to form an opinion. From what I understand, this is one of their cult products that boosts radiance, lightens dark spots and evens skin tone. I wish I had received more because that sounds right up my alley.

Caudalíe Instant Detox Mask ($39 for the full-size): This mask is supposed to treat stressed and tired looking skin, draw out impurities and tighten pores. I definitely feel like my pores and skin felt tight and smooth after I used it but I wouldn’t say that my skin was in bad shape before. I might save this for when I’m having a few mores skin “issues” and see if it helps!

Caudalíe Hand and Nail Cream ($15 for full-size): My hands are always dry as hell so I was so excited to get a hand cream in this box! It was really nice and moisturizing, which, duh. I guess that is a given. But what I love is that it’s very fast absorbing and your hands aren’t a greasy mess, which is nice!

I saw something on the inside of the moisturizing sorbet box and I got curious and ripped it open to see what was on the inside. I needed to know if it was going to be a treasure map or something. It just had directions on how to apply moisturizer, which is funny to me, and then pics of other products.

Final Grade: A, obviously

For $55, I think this is an absolute steal to try out several great Caudalíe products, especially when several are full-sized products worth well over the cost of the box.

Aw, man! I just saw that the box is sold out! That is such a bummer since it’s such a great box and I was going to tell you all to buy it! However, I think you should definitely sign up for SkinStore’s email list, just in case they do something awesome like this again!

I appreciate that SkinStore reached out to me and I look forward to shopping around there more in the future!

Press sample sent in exchange for an honest review
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