When I was approached to review the SkinStore X Caudalie box, I learned about SkinStore’s sister site, Lookfantastic, and that they have their own Beauty Box! I was really intrigued, especially because it is fairly reasonable around $20. So I thought I would sign up and see what it’s like!

Lookfantastic Beauty Box

Price: $20.50/month

Box Type: Beauty Box

Why you’ll love it: Each box contains at least six products every month. This can be an assortment of: skin, hair, cosmetic, OR body products – perfect to satisfy any beauty guru’s appetite.

How to sign up: Click here!

The packaging from this box was so lovely- I love that light sea/teal color and combined with with the gold foiled words on the box? SO PRETTY! I love this box. It reminds me of the really nice boxes from the Box That Shall Not Be Named.

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The insert that comes along with the products is so nice! The theme of this month’s box is “Global Glamour” and the insert (more like a 20 page magazine) discusses different beauty trends around the world. This insert reminds me so much of the booklets that were included in the SkinStore Limited Edition boxes (like the Caudalíe and the Philip Kingsley boxes) and they are all really nice.

I’ve never read an ELLE UK before. I used to really love ELLE magazine and even subscribed for a long time but then I found I wasn’t reading them as often as I was getting them so I ended up canceling. However, if I’m taking a trip on an airplane, you can bet I grab an ELLE every time. It will be interesting to read the UK version!

And here’s everything I got! I have to be honest, I was a little surprised when I saw all of the items, considering the weight and the quality of the box but when I opened it, I was sort of like… huh. OK. Interesting. So we’ll get into that more below.

Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner ($20.10): When I first opened the box, my eyes were immediately drawn to the Mane ‘n Tail shampoo and conditioner, because holy throwback, Batman! I remember really wanting to use these products when I was so little. Like in the late 80s or early 90s, I remember seeing these products on the shelves and I would think that if I used them, I would have beautiful, thick hair like a horse’s mane. Keep in mind, I have fine, straight, limp hair. It is going to take more than a shampoo to give me volume. I can’t remember if I actually convinced my mom to buy this stuff for me 20 years ago, but I’m interested to try these again to see what I think!

I do want to note that the insert said that this is a cult item in the US and after Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore used it, it became an essential in every girl’s bathroom. And I’m like… maybe 20 years ago? Well before Jennifer Aniston started her own line of haircare maybe? LOL. So random. I think this is a stretch.

Korres Santorini Vine Body Milk ($22.50): Korres has made some of my favorite skincare and I guess I never realized they never made body products! I’m glad to have a little lotion I can keep in my purse and my car for my dry AF hands.

Gatineau Gentle Silk Toner ($21.95): I have never heard of this brand before but insert says it’s a cult French pharmacy brand. (But… is it? Just like Mane n Tail is in every girl’s bathroom?) I don’t use toners very often so I’m probably going to just donate this.

Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm SPF 30 PA++ BB Cream ($13.69): This is bb cream from a Korean brand that is new to me but I am excited because for the first time ever, a company sent me a face sample I can use! It actually looks light enough to go on my face! So I am excited. Also excited because if I can like it, it’s only $14 on Amazon. Sweet.

Lottie London Balm Ball Lip Hydrator ($12): I love the smell (Caramel Apple) and the unique shape so as soon as I saw this, I slathered it all over my lips. Then I looked up the ingredients and discovered it contained castor oil so I immediately scrubbed it off of my lips. Such a bummer! I wish I could have used it. Lottie London is an English brand and it is now being sold at Ulta!

Lord & Berry Magic Brow Pencil ($19.50): I actually almost threw this away because it was hiding underneath the crinkle paper in the box (which is why it’s not in the main picture.) Apparently this pencil was made in Milan. I didn’t love it because I think it’s a little too warm. I prefer cooler brow colors, so I’ll donate this one.

Here is a swatch of the brow pencil.

Final Grade: C

I am not sure I was super impressed with the Look Fantastic August box, however, I will keep the subscription for a few more months because I’m not one to judge a subscription box brand by one box. I did like the actual box itself, the insert quality and the fact that I got an ELLE UK. However, I didn’t really LOVE any of the products. There are a few I liked and will try but none that I was like OMG, I NEED TO PUT THIS ON RIGHT NOW. Ya know? Just average. Though I will use that Korres lotion for sure.

Click here if you are interested in signing up for yourself!

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